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Workforce - retained doctor scheme

Date sent: Thursday 6 April 2017

Email to all GPs and PMs in Wessex

It has been pointed out to me that my last email was quite long and contained lots of information - possibly too much.  I am therefore going to try and reduce the contents a bit and perhaps provide a more focused approach which will mean I am afraid more frequent emails.

Two of the major problems we face are workload and recruitment and retention.  In a meeting recently it was pointed out that we are having some success with recruitment but  retention remains a major issue.

There are more medical students being trained with more places becoming available in existing Medical Schools with the potential of some new Medical Schools being created, and hopefully we may have one locally.  In addition, there are more GP training places being made available and this year there is a better uptake locally.  Sadly, we still are not recruiting enough GP Trainees into permanent posts.

In my last email I provided you with details of the Induction and refresher scheme - see below.


GP Induction and Refreshers Scheme

There are lots of reasons why you may have taken a break from working in NHS general practice. Sometimes it’s to take time out to raise a family, move or work abroad or to gain experience in a different profession or role. 

Whatever the reason, there is a direct route for those that wish to return to a career in NHS general practice through the GP Induction and Refresher (I&R) Scheme.

Click here for more details.


A new GP Retainer Scheme

We are losing too many experienced GPs, some of whom may want to stay working in general practice but not as a partner or in a more traditional salaried role.

The GP Retention Scheme (formerly the Retained Doctor Scheme) is a package of support resources aimed at GPs who may be considering leaving the profession, to remain in clinical practice providing between one and four sessions per week.

The resources also offer support to the GP practices employing them.

The new GP Retention Scheme was opened to new applicants on April 1st 2017. The new scheme builds on the enhancements made to the ‘Retained Doctor Scheme’ made in July 2016 and maintains the same level of funding.

The scheme is in recognition of the fact that the retained GP role is different to a 'regular' salaried GP post.

GPs may be on the scheme for up to five years with an annual review each year to ensure that they remain eligible.

The scheme is open to doctors who meet ALL of the following criteria:

What is in it for the GP?

Retained GPs (RGPs) may work between one (a minimum of two is recommended) and four sessions per week and may be on the scheme for up to five years with an annual review each year to ensure that they remain eligible.

The scheme supports both the retained GP and the practice employing them by offering financial support in recognition of the fact that this role is different to a 'regular' salaried GP post.

The retained GP will be offered an annual allowance of between £1000-4000 depending on the number of weekly sessions worked. This is in recognition of the professional expenses incurred

and is in addition to the Retained GPs salary.

What is in it for the practice?

Each practice employing a retained GP will be able to claim an allowance relating to the number of sessions for which the GP is engaged.

For each session a retained GP works, the practice can claim a payment of £76.92. As an example, a practice will be eligible to claim £16,000 per year for a retained GP undertaking four sessions per week.

This allowance will be paid for all sessions including sick leave, annual leave and educational leave where the retained GP is being paid by the practice.

For more information click here.

Best wishes


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Chief Executive

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