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The Future of General Practice

Date sent: Sunday 13 December 2015


Government e-petition to try to save general practice

Dr  Lorna Clarson the Vice-Chair of North Staffordshire LMC has created a government e-petition to try to save general practice.  You may wish to consider signing this.  It is entitled:

"Reverse the general practice budget cuts and commit to increasing GP recruitment"    Click here

There are currently 1000 signatories, at 10,0000 signatories the government will respond to the petition and at 100,000 the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.



The state of general practice - request from the GPC

Following sustained lobbying by the BMA general practitioners committee (GPC), the unprecedented pressures faced by GP practices are at last being recognised by politicians, policy makers and the media.

As part of a range of activities, the GPC are looking at new ways to illustrate some of the current issues.

This will include an online map to be published on the BMA website, highlighting areas of England, Scotland and Wales where practices are struggling with workload, recruitment, retention and financial viability.

The map will help to show the current state of general practice and quantify the scale of the problems faced.

​The GPC  are therefore asking practices to complete a short online survey that will take less than two minutes to complete, via this link: Click here

Practices are also asked to provide their post code and the name of their CCG or Health Board so that responses can be mapped across CCG areas and parliamentary constituencies.

Please note that no individual practices will be identified.

They are seeking one response per practice, and will need to receive all responses by Wednesday 23 December.



Update relating to Paediatric self help information – Healthier together  Website

I recently wrote to you and stated:

The “Wessex Healthier Together” project is exploring how parents, carers and community services might be better supported and integrated with hospital based services so that children are able to access the ‘right care at the right time from the right person’. 

The Wessex Healthier Together website is being developed to provide useful resources for parents, carers and young people (via information leaflets, self-care advice, & guidance on when and how to access appropriate local healthcare services). The site also supports healthcare professionals (via standardised local clinical guidelines, educational resources & referral pathways). 

The LMC has uploaded a number of posters to our wesite that your practice might find helpful and these are available at: Click here


Best wishes


Dr Nigel Watson

Chief Executive

Wessex LMCs

Churchill House, 122-124 Hursley Rd

Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh

Hants. SO53 1JB (Registered Office)

Tel: 02380253874

Mobile: 07825173326


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