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Data sharing agreement

Date sent: Friday 23 October 2015

Email sent by Wessex LMCs to GPs and Practice Managers in Wiltshire

Dear Colleague

To provide good quality care to our patients it is vital that we share clinical information.  This must be done safely, appropriately and lawfully.

Calldicott 2 specifically states that clinicians have a duty to share information  for the provision of direct care for patients. Our patient generally expect this to happen.

The LMC has felt for some time that resolving the issue of data sharing is one of the most important factors in developing services for patients and ensuring that services support general practice in their key role is providing care to their population.

The LMC supports this approach and has used the work undertaken in Wiltshire and shared this with other CCGs.

The email sent out by the CCG is copies below for information.

Dear Practice Managers and IT Managers,

Wiltshire GP Out of Hours and Access to Care are switching over to SystmOne today, with Wiltshire Community Health Services following shortly after. It has recently become apparent that many GP practices are not “Sharing Out” their records. This is an issue because even if OOH (for example) gain the patient’s required explicit consent to view their GP Shared Record, OOH will not be able to view it as the GP hasn’t enabled their record to be “Shared Out”. (Please note, this is about sharing SystmOne records between different organisations who use SystmOne, and has nothing to do with the Summary Care Record SCR.)

The attached Memorandum of Understanding offers a pragmatic approach to record sharing to ensure patient care is not compromised. We have bought this to the attention of Wessex LMC who will be discussing this at a meeting shortly. We are hopeful that they will support this work and have therefore decided to communicate the below with you now. Further patient communications will follow shortly and will include information leaflets, poster and wording for your digital displays. 

Please see attached:

Memorandum of Understanding           Please sign and return to the CCG
Summary                                             Please circulate to staff as needed
Action Required                                   Please also see this video demo

As OOH, Access to Care and Community Services will all soon be using SystmOne, it is important that you now use “Tabbed Journal” and use filters appropriately. This is to ensure that you see the appropriate information in the journal. To set this up, please see the following video

Many thanks indeed for your prompt attention and please do contact us or Bryan Taylor (bryan.taylor@nhs.net07789 933 015) if you have any questions, comments or feedback.

Best wishes


Dr Nigel Watson

Chief Executive

Wessex LMCs

Churchill House, 122-124 Hursley Rd

Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh

Hants. SO53 1JB (Registered Office)

Tel: 02380253874

Mobile: 07825173326


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