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GPC's Campaign - Your GP Cares

Date sent: Monday 26 May 2014

Email sent by Wessex LMCs to all GPs and PMs in Wessex, on 26/05/2014.

Your profession needs your support

Your GP Cares is a campaign that was launched recently by the GPC to highlight the challenges that we face in general practice.

The surveys that the LMC recently undertook has confirmed what many of us already knew. General practice is currently facing massive challenges relating to workload, recruitment and retention without any realistic solutions that are clear and visible.

The GPC’s campaign aims to raise these issues with the general public, our patients and with the Politicians.  This will not happen without support from LMCs and grassroots GPs.

The GPC is asking for long-term sustainable investment in general practice to:

  1. Attract, retain and expand the number of GPs.
  2. Expand the number of practice staff.
  3. Improve premises GP services are provided from.

The environment in which GPs are striving to provide services is increasingly challenging.

The burning issues are:

What can you and your practice do now to support the campaign?

You must watch the GP Cares video, this is available on youtube:

Add this link to your practice website – it provides a good explanation of the current issues.

Download practice posters from the BMA website.

Consider emailing your local MP – click here.

You could sign up and support the campaigns – click here.

You could include this information and web address in a newsletter to your patients.


Dr Nigel Watson
Chief Executive
Wessex LMCs Ltd



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