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Unplanned admissions enhanced service: a step-by-step guide

Date sent: Wednesday 7 May 2014

Email sent by Wessex LMCs to all GPs and PMs , on 07/05/2014.

The GPC have just published a short guide to implementing the unplanned admissions enhanced service.

This should minimise the administrative processes involved, while supporting you to achieve the requirements of the enhanced service by complementing your care for the frail patients already likely to be under ongoing management.

The GPC have also provided an optional template for ongoing internal practice use, to minimise bureaucracy for reporting purposes.

Attached is a template I have written for SystmnOne and we are using in my practice.

Below is a letter my practice is using to explain to patients what care plans are.


What is a Care Plan?

Your Care Plan is a document for you to share with other people who are involved in your day to day life to show them what you and your GP think are the ongoing medical needs that you have.

It will include your past medical history and medication that you are taking.

What is the Escalation Plan?

In many medical conditions, if you are able to recognise features that indicate that the condition is worsening, it may be possible to prevent the situation where you may need to be admitted to hospital. Together with your GP, you can learn how to recognise these symptoms and what to do should they occur.

Where should I keep my Care Plan?

If you have blue file from the community nursing team, you should keep your Care Plan in that file.

If you do not have such a file, then keep this document with other documents relating to your health care. Be sure to share this with your family and other people who are involved in your care.

Who can see my Care Plan?

The Care Plan is about YOUR conditions and having such a plan helps other people involved in your care and they do not always have access to accurate, up to date information. With your permission, this plan will be shared with the Out of Hours service (CARE UK/ HDOCS) and the ambulance services.

If you use SystmOnline, ( you will be able to see and order your current treatment online and in the future, you will be able to see a range of clinical medical information, including test results and correspondence between the GP and other services.

What if something changes?

You and your GP will review your Care Plan every few months or following any significant change in your condition. This may be after a hospital admission, if any of your significant conditions change or there is a change in your medication.

In these situations, the existing document will need to be altered or reprinted.

I hope this helps you, if you have additional resources that you are prepared to share please send them to me.

Best wishes



Dr Nigel Watson

Chief Executive

Wessex LMCs

Churchill House, 122-124 Hursley Rd

Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh

Hants. SO53 1JB (Registered Office)

Tel: 02380253874

Mobile: 07825173326



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