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NHS England GP Monthly Bulletin

Date sent: Tuesday 10 July 2018

NHS England - General Practice Bulletin - essential reading for all GPs and Practice Managers

NHS England have just published their new monthly bulletin for general practice.

Dr Arvind Madan, Director of Primary Care at NHS England, writes and excellent introduction to the new General Practice Bulletin. Arvind reinforces the central role that primary care plays within the NHS and the importance of this in the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

The emerging networks, natural communities of care or clusters (all the same but different terminology used by different organisations) are groupings of between 30-70,000 patients and are important because you will see over the coming months that this will be grouping that will gain in importance with incentives for practices to work together in their localities.

I often hear that the GP Forward View has delivered very little, well here is your chance to read what it has been achieved.

The Bulletin also includes updates on:

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