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Doctors Whose Performance Gives Cause for Concern

Sometimes concerns are raised about a doctor's performance, either by colleagues, patients or the general public.

NHS England has responsibility for ensuring that GPs on the performers list are safe to practice and maintain high professional standards (see Statutory Procedures).

If you have concerns about a colleagues performance and wish to discuss the matter further then you should either contact the LMC and speak to a Medical Director or discuss the concerm with the Medical Director of the Area Team.  If you speak to the LMC first and the matter is significant then the LMC will support you in taking further action via the Area Team.

You have a duty under the GMC 'Duties of a Doctor' to act on concerns about a colleague's performance.  We recognise that this is not an easy action to take and will support you and your colleague through the process.

Please refer to the following GPC guidance on suspension:  The Suspended GP Performer - Guidance for GPs, March 2006

Statutory Procedures 

Occasionally concerns raised are more serious and the Area Team may be obliged to take action. 

This process is not voluntary and may have serious consequences.   

GPs facing these procedures should seek further advice and support from Wessex LMCS and/or their medical defence organisation at the earliest opportunity.   

The disciplinary and list management procedures are laid down in legislation. 

Documentation relating to the Regulation of Primary Care

Click here for links to NHS England's policies and procedures for the identification, management and support of primary care performers and contractors whose performance gives cause for concern.                                         

NHS Performers List Regulations

GMC Referral 

In some cases GMC referral is considered the most appropriate course of action. 

GPs facing GMC referral should seek advice and support from Wessex LMCS and/or their medical defence organisation as soon as possible. 

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