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Digital Nurse Network

The Digital Nurse Network

“The Digital Nurse Network has supported nurses working in general practice and other care settings to use and promote digital services. The network recognises nurses’ ability to influence patient behaviour – and so engages them in the digital transformation process and empowers them to drive use of digital services at a local level.”

They are encouraging people to share their experiences on the platform and keen to support others who want to become involved  Social media. To find out more about the Digital Nurse Network, visit their FutureNHS platform or get in touch via

“The Digital Nurse”

A positive outcome of Covid and one that should be celebrated is how nurses and other health care professionals have responded to the crisis and adopted new ways of working. Who would have thought one year ago that virtual and telephone consultations and econsult would be the norm?

Most professionals in general practice have embraced this change and want to develop it further for the benefit of themselves and importantly the patient. The challenges for some have been access to up-to-date equipment and training. There is a national plan to address the latter especially for nurses working in general practice, I will update you with information when it becomes available.

For those of you who would like to explore the use of digital technology further and or share examples of how you have developed this way of working in your practice you can apply for a grant from the Burdett Trust for Nursing.

Thank you to The Digital Nurse Network who have given us permission to publish their newsletters, below.

January 2021

22nd Jan 2021

29th Jan 2021

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