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Dementia - A Challenge for GPs & Nurses: "What are the solutions?"

An Introduction to Dementia. . .

Dementia is a generic terms for conditions that have an effect on both short and long-term memory.  In addition to memory loss, a progressive loss of other mental abilities takes place which is often accompanied by changes in behaviour and skills.  Dementia is a progressive illness and has the effect of reducing the function of the brain by destroying brain cells which cannot be replaced.  Dementia can be present in a many different forms, these include:-

Further useful information can be obtained from the following booklet produced by Southern Health:  Older People's Mental Health

In order to provide an overview on Dementia services available to General Practice, Wessex LMC's held a conference to facilitate an introductory overview of the various services available.  Please find below copies of the speaker presentations:-


Introduction - Why is this such an issue
Speaker:  Dr Nigel Watson - CEO, Wessex LMCs
Presentation Link:  An Introduction to Dementia - why is this such an issue?


Is it important to differentiate between the dementias?
What do memory clinics currently offer?

Speaker:  Dr Svetlana Hemsley, Consultant – Older Peoples Mental Health, New Forest
Presentation Link:  Dr Svetlana Hemsley - Do we need to differentiate dementias


Dementia diagnosis and post-diagnostic care – could it be different and better?
Dementia screening – exploring the controversy

Speaker:  Dr Paul Hopper, Clinical Services Director / Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist – Older Peoples Mental Health, New Forest
Presentation Link:  Dr Paul Hopper - Detecting and Managing Dementia - What needs to change.ppt


Mild Cognitive Impairment – What is it and does it matter?
Is there still a role for anti-psychotic medication in behavioural disturbance in dementia?

Recent Research and Future Development
Speaker:  Dr Brady McFarlane, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist – Older Peoples Mental Health, New Forest
Presentation Link:  Dr B McFarlane - Mild Cognitive Impairment


How do you become a “dementia friendly” Practice?
Does this benefit the Practice or the patient?

Speaker:  Dr Nicola Decker – Oakley & Overton Surgery
Presentation Link:  Dr Nicola Decker - Becoming a dementia friendly practice


Caring for people with dementia in the community:
Collaborative pilots between Poole Central Locality and the Third Sector

Speaker:  Dr Emer Forde – Poole Town Surgery
Presentation Link:  Dr Emer Forde - Improving diagnosis and care for people living with dementia


The Local Authority - What has social care got to offer?
Speaker: Helen Suttle – Adult Social Care District Service Manager for Local Authority
(Catherine Pascoe – Commissioning Manager, Adult Services, Hampshire County Council)
Presentation Link:  Helen Suttle - Adult Services HCC

The third sector or voluntary sector:

Alzheimer’s Society:  What can they offer? /   What are Dementia Advisors?  /  What are Dementia Support Workers?
Speaker:  Amber Reed, Operations Manager - Alzheimer’s Society
(Kirsten Newsum & Angie Mills, Team Leaders - Andover Mind, Dementia Advisor Service)
Presentation Link:  To Follow

Princess Royal Trust - What is this?
Speaker:  Kerry Hearsey, Chief Executive – Princess Royal Trust
Presentation Link:  Kerry Hearsey - Princess Royal Trust

Dementia Lunch & Learn Package:

The Dementia Lunch and Learn package is FREE to all Wessex Practices as Wessex LMCs is keen to support all the national work on Dementia and sees this resource as a major way in getting some messages across to all who work in general practice.

This training resource is to give everyone a basic idea of what dementia is and what the common symptoms are. It looks briefly too at the main risk factors to dementia. Subsequently, there are the tools which can be used to enable you to become a dementia friendly practice.

The aim of the session is to widen awareness of the illness and the effect it can have on patients and how as a practice you can make changes to enhance the care of your dementia patients.

There are some useful video clips in the resource so access to an internet connection would be useful if that is available. However – they are not essential.

Please do not be daunted by all the suggestions within the iSPACE programme – just making a few changes in the right direction is a great start.

All staff should benefit from this – and please encourage locums to join you if you run a lunchtime session for all staff.

Other Useful Dementia Information / Links:

NHS England South - Dementia Diagnosis

DAA National Dementia Declaration

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Website

Lymington Dementia Action Group Website

Becoming a Dementia Friend Website

Dementia Action Group Details

AndoverMind Website

HCC Dementia Friendly Hampshire

HCC Dementia Friendly Toolkit

Carers Trust Website

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire Website

The Princess Royal Trust - Carer Information and Services Guide

The Princess Royal Trust - Do you help look after someone Leaflet

The Princess Royal Trust - Emergency Planning for Carers Leaflet

Parkinsons Society Website

Alzheimers Society Website

Alzheimer's Society - "This is me" Booklet

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Brochure, Southern Health

Memory Assessment & Research Centre (MARC)

Driving Safely for Life Brochure

Wessex Academic Health Science Network

Age Concern Website

BrendonCare for Older People Website

Memory Cafes Website

Care Act 2014 (Update April 2015) Website

Useful Contact Telephone Numbers:







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