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DBS: Create & Submit an Application and FAQ's

During Covid-19

As you are aware, Wessex LMCs are offering a DBS service for Covid-19 Volunteers at an administration charge of £10.00 per application.


To ensure the process goes through as quickly as possible please note the following:

Alternatively, you can use the Workforce Bureau to process your Covid-19 Volunteer DBS applications free of charge. However, one point to bear in mind with the Workforce Bureau is that they might then ask the applicant to work in a different practice to that of your own, the applicant can of course specify but there are no guarantees.

Please read the 'Who Needs DBS Check ' guidance for an update regarding DBS checks for Community Volunteers and Healthcare & Social Care Workers during this pandemic.

Wessex LMCs Disclosure and Barring Service - DBS (Previously known as CRB)

Wessex LMCs is pleased to be able to offer this service to our practices.

Please read the 'Who Needs DBS Check' guidance carefully and if, having read it, you wish to apply, please Register for an account on the website or Log In if you already have one. Once logged onto the website, please return to this page you will be able to create and submit an application or view the status of existing application.

Your DBS application must be completed by using a laptop or computer. Please DO NOT use a mobile phone. Thank you.

If you yourself require a DBS check, please do not apply on behalf of yourself, please speak to your manager about arranging this for you. Your manager will need to initiate your application and verify your identity documents for us. Should you create your own application online the system will not allow you to proceed. Please ask a manager to create the application for you.

Please note: only the applicant will be sent a DBS certificate, the practice will not be sent a copy of this. The practice will need to request sight of the certificate from the applicant and record a note of the certificate number and date of issue on the staff file of the applicant for CQC purposes.

The Online Process: Frequently Asked Questions Troubleshooting for practice managers and applicants completing an online application. A step by step user guide and video explaining the online process can also be found here.


How much is a DBS Check?

Effective from the 1st January 2016, DBS costs increased as follows, which will include a £3.00 VAT charge to the administration costs associated with processing DBS applications.  This will be evident on the payment acknowledgement you will receive when processing the payment via FourteenFish:

Standard:       £44.00

Enhanced:      £62.00

Volunteer:       £10.00

All DBS applications once initiated and work commenced are non-refundable. However, if it has been agreed that a refund is possible for applications that have been paid for but not started, a £5 administration charge will be applicable.

Please refer to the Wessex LMC and Client Agreement document making sure you have read the agreement between you (as the Practice) and us (as the Umbrella Body). Please click here ro read the Retention and Disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure Information Policy Statement