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CQC Pre-Inspection & Access Visits - Supportive Information


Notification of a CQC inspection or access visit can raise high levels of stress in all staff!  It is an opportunity for the practice to show how well they are working as a team and the quality of care they are providing for their practice population.

CQC Pre-Inspection Supportive Information

The ‘build’ up to an inspection can give time for the practice and staff to reflect on what they are currently doing, share examples of good practice and make changes where necessary.

The information in our pre-inspection document has been collated from a range of evidence available, to provide some advice and support to practices preparing for a CQC inspection. It is also advisable to check our Wessex LMCs website for additional information as this is updated on a regular basis.

As an LMC we are available to provide support to all practices and individuals pre and post CQC inspection, please get in contact with us if you need further advice.

Please click the image below to access our guidance book.


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