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CQC Mythbuster Updates

Prof Nigel Sparrow OBE is CQC's Senior National GP Advisor. He clears up some common myths about CQC inspections of GP and out-of-hours services and shares agreed guidance to best practice.

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June 2019 updates

The following mythBusters have been updated on the CQC webpage:

Nigel's surgery 36: Registration and treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants

Nigel's surgery 88: Sepsis

Nigel's surgery 21: Statutory notifications to CQC

Nigel's surgery 6: Guidance about privacy curtains

Nigel's surgery 17: Vaccine storage and fridges in GP practices

New published mythbusters:

Nigel's surgery 92: Anticoagulant monitoring in primary care

Nigel's surgery 93: Caring for veterans and their families

Another new mythbuster regarding online services is due to be published very soon

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