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CQC Mythbuster Updates

Prof Nigel Sparrow OBE is CQC's Senior National GP Advisor. He clears up some common myths about CQC inspections of GP and out-of-hours services and shares agreed guidance to best practice.

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Updates in June 2021


GP mythbuster 1: Resuscitation in GP surgeries 7th June

Updates in May 2021


GP mythbuster 71: Prioritising home visits 25th May
GP mythbuster 97: Responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) 13th May
GP mythbuster 102: Pulse oximetry and monitoring vital signs outside the GP practice setting 10th May
GP mythbuster 64: Effective governance arrangements in GP practices 10th May
GP mythbuster 100: Online and video consultations and receiving, storing and handling intimate images 10th May
GP mythbuster 103: Complaints management 10th May
GP mythbuster 9: Emergency medicines for GP practices 10th May
GP mythbuster 67: Reasonable adjustments for disabled people 7th May
GP mythbuster 44: Caring for carers 7th May
GP mythbuster 22: Summary Care Records (SCRs) 5th May
GP mythbuster 85: Data security and protection – expectations for general practice 5th May
GP mythbuster 25: Safeguarding adults at risk 5th May
GP mythbuster 6: Guidance about privacy curtains 5th May
GP mythbuster 58: Practice induction packs 5th May
GP mythbuster 80: Female genital mutilation (FGM) 5th May
GP mythbuster 75: Personalised care and support planning 5th May
GP mythbuster 93: Caring for veterans and their families 5th May




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