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Covid-19 - Vulnerable Highest Risk Patients (Shielding)

People in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Group (CEV) 

September 2021 

End of the shielding programme and managing the closure of the Shielded Patient List (SPL)

The Government set out in a Written Ministerial statement on 15th September, their decision to end the shielding programme. Patients will not be advised to shield in the future and a managed closure of the SPL will be taking place.

NHS Digital will retain the capability to identify high-risk patients in the future. Relevant patients will be written to directly to inform them of this change and support still available. You do not need to inform patients yourself.

Future changes to the COVID-19 risk status for patients in your care will no longer be captured on the national list.

NHSE have published the letter from DoHSC with information on the mangement of ending the SPL. have updated thier guidance for people previoulsy considered clinically extremeley vulnerable from Covid-19

It states that the government will continue to assess the situation and the risks posed by COVID-19 and, based on clinical advice, will respond accordingly to keep the most vulnerable safe.

As a minimum, you should continue to follow the same guidance as everyone on staying safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19. You should consider advice from your health professional on whether additional precautions are right for you. However, as someone with a health condition, you may want to consider, alongside any advice from your clinician, if additional precautions are right for you. These could include: further published (24.12.21) guidance for those whose immune system means they are at higher risk. 





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