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Covid-19 Support Podcasts

You can record your reflections from the podcasts on this form or via your learning diary here: CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your listening and how you apply it.

COVID Assessment and Management - a practical guide for GPs - 15th January 2021

Dr Camilla Janssen talks to Dr Sarah Kay and Dr Caroline Warren Clinical Governance Medical Leads for the National COVID Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS). CCAS GPs work supporting 111 to assess patients presenting with COVID sounding symptoms remotely and then to manage/signpost/advise appropriately. Sarah and Caroline are well placed as GPs to give us a practical walk-through of appropriate assessment and management of COVID, stratifying COVID risk, advice about remote assessment of breathlessness, identifying red flags, identifying when patients need a F2F review and what the most appropriate setting for this is. Safety net resources and advice as well as discussion from a GP perspective on Oximetry at home. They will advise about resources available for us to use and discuss the appropriateness of prescribing for COVID in the community setting.

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PowerPoint Slides  

News Update 3rd December 2020

Dr Nigel Watson hosts this recording with LMC Directors; Gareth Bryant, Laura Edwards and Michelle Lombardi, and guest speakers: Dr Matt Inada-Kim, Dr Caroline O’Keefe and Dr Karen Kirkham and Saul Faust from University of Southampton talking about the various Vaccines coming on stream.

The update covered:

Slide deck 

Q&A - (To follow)

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Virtual Ward with Pulse Oximetry Webinar - Follow Up Event - Covid @h 10th November 2020

This is a follow up to the Session on Tuesday 29 September covering:


Dr Matt Inada-Kim - Consultant HHFT, National Lead for CO@h. Dr Karen Kirkham - Dorset GP, Vice Chair Dorset CCG and Senior Medical Advisor NHS England Primary Care. Matt and Karen are part of a national team developing and ensuring implementation of the CO@h initiative.

Plus: Dr Matt Hammerton - a GP from Winchester, Dr Caroline O'Keeffe - a GP from North Hampshire, Dr Kuldhir Johal - a GP from Hillingdon, London, Dr Nigel Watson - CEO Wessex LMCs

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) standard operating procedure: COVID Oximetry @home -

Click the image to listen to the podcast recording or watch the webinar version here  

COvid@h 101120 Matt Inada-Kim's links

LMC News Update on 28th October 2020

Dr Nigel Watson hosts this audio recording of a webinar with guest speaker Moira Philpott, PPE Deputy Director- Primary Care, National PPE Team (DHSC NHSE/I)

They cover:

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Presentation Slides

Reference document: PPE Portal QA

Reference document: Requesting PPE

PPE Government Portal:

Technical requirements for new High-Volume Manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Devices (MD) during COVID-19

SOP Covid-19 Outbreaks V1

There is also a section in our Emergencies and Business Continuity Lunch and Learn around a case study on what to do if a member of staff is Covid19 positive. If you are a Wessex LMCs Practice you can access this for free from here: other LMC members and Non members will incur a charge.

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Virtual Ward with Pulse Oximetry Webinar - 29th Sept 2020

During the initial upsurge of the COVID-19 pandemic, recognising and treating ‘silent hypoxia’ in patients with the virus has been directly linked to the patient’s outcome. The COVID virtual ward and NHS England Primary Care COVID-19 guidance recommend that oxygen saturation monitoring should form an integral part of the COVID-19 pathway to manage patients safely within the community.

To demonstrate the impact of this approach and as part of a second wave of pilot sites nationally, four teams in Wessex have developed virtual wards (2 primary care hot hubs, 1 care homes telemedicine project and a Same day emergency care unit) that use pulse oximeters to allow them to safely monitor confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients at home whilst providing opportunity to detect early signs of deterioration.

Supported by the LMC and led by Matt Inada-Kim (HHFT) and Karen Kirkham (Dorset CCG), this webinar audio recording offers an opportunity to learn from the experiences of these four pilot sites and understand how this approach could be used to support service development across Wessex.

Webinar version

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FOLLOW UP WEBINAR - Tuesday 10 November 2020 13:00 - 14:00, BOOK HERE:

Covid-19 the consequences (Collaboration with Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trusts - 25th Sept 20)

This is an audio recording of a webinar which was hosted by Nigel Watson with Contributions from:

Dr Nick Cortes and Dr Nicki Hutchinson, Consultant Microbiologist – Covid testing - a local update

Dr Will Storrar – Respiratory Consultant, Pulmonary Follow Up Clinics for post Covid-19 patient - how should we manage 'long' Covid.

A Model for Hot & Cold Sites During the Covid Period – A Practice’s Story

A discussion with Dr Laura Edwards, Medical Director at Wessex LMCs and Dr Anna Reed, Partner at Camrose, Gillies and Hackwood Partnership.

General Practice Nurse Experience of Covid-19

In this podcast Helene Irvine, Nurse Advisor to Wessex LMCs, talks with Clare Mechen, Nurse Manager at the Adam Practice and Amber Truscott, Senior Nurse Manager at the Camrose, Gillies and Hackwood Partnership about the experience of Covid19 on the frontline in Primary Care.

Change of Pace – in it for the long haul

In this podcast Dr Laura Edwards and Dr Tamsin Betts, GP Coach at the Dorset Primary Care Workforce Centre and Yoga teacher, discuss the challenges we are facing as the COVID journey looks like a longer, slower state of affairs than initially thought. Some of us might be heading for an energy dip – why and what can we do?

Taking Control in Unprecedented Times - Simple Tools in 5 Minutes

Louise Greenwood, Director of Education and Training for Wessex LMCs talks to Lucy Hadley from The Development People. They introduce some techniques for helping PMs through this time of Covid 19.

Video from the Development People about Covid-19:

Resources from the Development People:

Home Working and Negotiating with Family During Lockdown

In this podcast Dr Sarah Kay, GP Fellow talks with Frances about the challenges of home working and ideas that may help in your household. Frances Cushway, is a Registered Career Coach and specialises in supporting mothers in the transitions to and from maternity leave.


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