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Covid-19 Practical and Operational Issues

We are aware that there is a lot of information coming from a number of directions. With this in mind we are creating webpages for various issues that we have been asked about. 


Covid-19 - BMA Model Contract for Locum GP for temporary use

Covid-19 - Face Mask Recommendations for Primary and Community Health Care Providers in England

Covid-19 - NHS Volunteers

Covid-19 - Vaccinations for NHS Staff Entering Care Homes

Covid-19 - Practice Staff and Self-Isolation

Covid-19 - Practice Staff Risk Assessments

Covid-19 - Pregnant Employees


Covid-19 - BMA & RCGP Workload prioritisation – Dec 21

Covid-19 - NHSE latest updates & guidance for General Practice (inc covid fund details & preparedness letters)

Covid-19 - Remote Consultations and IT

Covid-19 - Restoration, Recovery & Innovations

Covid-19 - Support for Practices

Covid-19 - Useful Links & Resources (inc Primary Care Bulletins)

Covid-19 - Vaccination Programme


Death certification (MCCD) process from 25th March 2022 following expiry of the Coronavirus Act temporary provisions

Covid-19 - Face Mask Exemption Letters

Covid-19 - Fitness to Fly & Covid Certificates

Covid-19 - Highest Clinical Risk Vulnerable Patients (including shielding)

Covid-19 - Learning Disability and Consent

Covid-19 - Mythbusters about General Practice during the Covid pandemic

Covid-19 - NHS Long Covid support for Post Covid Syndrome

Covid-19 - Patients refusing to wear face coverings

Covid-19 - Templates, Risk Assessments

Highest-risk patients eligible for COVID-19 treatments: guide for patients

 Clinical & Practice Nursing                               

Covid-19 - Advice from Professionals & Patients Societies

Covid-19 - Covid Snomed Codes

Covid-19 - Government webpage - Guidance for Health Professionals

Covid-19 - Information & support for nurses during Covid-19

Covid-19 - Long Covid - Post Covid Syndrome

Covid-19 - NHSE  Advice for Clinicians and Primary Care

Covid-19 - NICE Clinical Guidance for Coronavirus 

Covid-19 - Oximetry@Home

Covid-19 - SOP for Covid Oximetry@Home

Covid-19 - SOP for Covid Virtual Wards   

Covid-19 - Managing COVID-19 in Primary Care. St Georges University of London.

Infection Control                  

Covid-19 - PPE & Infection Control 

Covid-19 - PHE video for donning an doffing of PPE for non aerosol generating procedures (non AGP)

Covid-19 - PHE guidance on donning an doffing PPE for AGP (including videos) 


Covid-19 - CQC

Covid-19 - ICO Data Protection  

Covid-19 - NHSx COVID-19 Information Governance Advice

Covid-19 - Notifiable Disease Information & How to find your local Health Protection Agency

Covid-19 - Practice Privacy Notices

Covid-19 - HSE  Guidance on Legionella Risks during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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