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Covid-19 Notifiable Disease Information & find your local Health Protection Agency

A Notifiable Disease

Covid-19 is now classified as a notifiable disease. This is for all confirmed and suspected cases.

The SOP for General Practice during Covid-19 also states that additionally, the local PHE Health Protection team should be informed of patients with symptoms of COVID-19 in the following settings:

You can download this template for medical practitioners to complete for any suspected or confirmed cases as per the government guidance which then needs to be forwarded to your Health Protection Team (see below to look up your local team details including phone numbers).

If you wish to e-mail any notifications, especially if sending from a hot site (rather than using postal services for infection control measures) practices in :-

How to look up your Local Health protection Agency

If you need to contact your local Health Protection Agency, it may be helpful to look this up in advance of any issues so the details, including phone numbers, are to hand. You can look up your local health protection team via this link ​​​​​​.






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