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Covid-19 - CQC

CQC Updates

CQC have a webpage with updates for providers about coronavirus (COVID-19). This webpage is updated by CQC as advice and guidance changes due to the pandemic. It is a useful resource as any changes they make to their pages that mention coronavirus are listed automatically. They might be major changes or minor ones. One query CQC say they are asked about frequently is around mandatory training considerations in general practice and they have updated their webpage  GP Mythbuster 70 that deals with this including during Covid -19

CQC Resuming Inspection 2021

CQC have evolved the way they monitor services and are introducing a transitional monitoring approach, sector by sector. This will replace the emergency support framework and help them target their regulatory activity most effectively. Please see our webpage on CQC Pre-Inspection supportive information for full details.

Hot & Cold Sites

Where practice premises are being used to run hot and cold sites there is no need to amend your Statement of Purpose as the premises are already registered with CQC for the provision of GMS services.

Where other premises are being used to provide essential GMS services, then those premises will need to be added to your statement of purpose.

In either case, if your staff are working from sites other than your own practice premises you and the site eg other practice, will need to agree who takes responsibility for those staff when they are working there. The LMC view is that, as the staff members contract is with you, then you retain responsibility for them and they remain accountable to you no matter where they are working.

In these instances an MOU will be required between the 2 practices agreeing this.

Where the hot site is not another GP practice but is a community hospital or other trust, then that Trust will need to add the GP service to its regulated activities and again, an MOU will be required in respect of any GP staff working at that location.

The BMA have created a proforma statement of purpose should you wish to use it.

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