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Contract Changes for 2015/16

The following provides an overview on the contract changes for 2015/16:

  1. Patient participation ES to end and funding transferred into global sum.  Contract will require practice PPG but no reporting requirements
  2. Alcohol DES to end and funding transferred to global sum. Registration form for new patients to identify alcohol excess & take appropriate action
  3. Extended hours, dementia and learning disabilities extended for a further year
  4. Minor surgery - there will be a consistent set of standards for this
  5. Avoiding unplanned admissions - patients who move or pass away will count towards the 2%

Armed Forces Personnel

The GMS Regulations have been amended to allow for armed forces personnel within a specified cohort to be registered with a GP practice for longer than three months and up to a maximum of two years.

Defence Medical Services will retain responsibility for meeting occupational health needs, but the individual’s primary care needs will be delivered through registration for NHS primary medical care services with a GP practice. These patients will need to have received the explicit authorisation of Defence Primary Health Care in order to register. A summary of the patient’s medical records will need to be shared with the GP practice.

Any armed forces personnel registered with a GP practice under these amended arrangements will be funded as a fully registered patient during the time of their registration.

GP Contract changes documentation:

Please see below links to documents relating to the GP contract changes for 2015/16:

GP Contract & Enhanced Services Information
Technical requirements for 2015/16 contract changes
GP Contract Guidance and Audit requirements 2015/16
GMS Contract Changes 2015/16

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