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Colleague Feedback

Colleague Feedback also known as Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)

In every 5-year revalidation cycle you are required to undertake at least one colleague, and one patient feedback survey.

It is important that these are conducted appropriately.

Colleague Feedback

You must use a recognised questionnaire and this needs to be conducted independently, with feedback that allows individuals to make comments that are anonymous.  It is also important that the results are benchmarked and fed back to you in an appropriate format.

You generally need to choose about 20 colleagues and require a minimum of 12 responses for this to be valid (each tool varies slightly in its numbers and some doctors may have unique circumstances that make this inappropriate).

It is not acceptable to conduct your own colleague feedback by handing out questionnaires, collecting them and taking them with you to your appraisal to discuss the results.  The feedback must be externally collated to maintain anonymity for the respondents. You should take your reflection on your feedback to your appraisal to discuss further.

Please remember that you need to complete the survey and discuss the results with your appraiser before your revalidation date.

There are a number of providers of the surveys who will analyse the results and provide you with a report suitable for revalidation.

By colleagues this would include GPs but could also include Practice Managers, Nurses Admin staff and hospital colleagues who know your work.

The feedback needs to be administered and structured according to the GMC Guidelines. Also see the RCGP Patient and colleague feedback mythbuster webpage.

Some key messages:

To meet the requirements it would be best to use an approved colleague feedback which allows all of the above. There are a number of options available on the internet.

Revalidation Page

Please click on the image below, to access our complete document - Appraisal and Revalidation Guidance for GPs and Nurses.

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