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Cold Chain

Recording vaccine fridge temperatures – brief summary

  1. Read
  2. Record
  3. Reset
  4. React

Please access the following links for more detailed information

You are advised to contact the quality team at your CCG for more support and guidance.

Data loggers

Many practices have been using data logger’s for several years as it provides an accurate ongoing temperature recording which can provide additional information should there be a breach in the cold chain. They can also be useful if you are the person overseeing temperature recordings and based in an alternative location. There are a range of data loggers available and the prices can vary, you are advised to refer to the manufactures guidance on frequency of calibration.

It is recommend that practices continue to record fridge temperatures manually at least daily even if using a data logger.

Ambient room temperature for storage of medicines

Safe Ranges for ambient medication, will be dependent on the medicines and can range between 15°C to 25°C for most medicines, although some medicines can be stored at up to 30°C. Some CCGs recommend that if the ambient temperature remains at 25 degrees for a number of consecutive days this should be investigated and recorded as a SE e.g. Dorset CCG. You are recommended to speak to the medicines management team at your CCG for clarification and guidance.


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