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Clearing common hurdles of revalidation

2 March 2016, Pulse

As a locum working in many different practices it is hard to find GPs who know me well enough to give colleague feedback. What can I do to satisfy the GMC’s requirements?

The GMC has guidance on this as GP locums aren’t the only doctors who might think they will find it hard to meet this requirement. You can probably get comments, even if brief, from other GPs you have worked with.

The GMC also emphasises that it doesn’t have to be only GP colleagues or doctor colleagues that feed back. You can also use other staff in the practice including the practice manager, reception and administration team, as well as nurses and healthcare assistants. These staff members will be able to provide useful feedback even after working with you for a short time. They will gain valuable feedback about your interpersonal skills from patients and be aware of your time management and organisational skills.

Remember also that you can approach other members of the wider health team, including community nurses and hospital colleagues to whom you refer. You should also remember, both for yourself and those that you ask, that they do not have to be able to comment on all aspects of your practice. For example, if you attend a GP sessional group or other small group for learning, you could ask these colleagues to comment on your education, efforts to keep up to date and ability to reflect. There are no wrong selections. This feedback is only intended to provide appropriate and useful information for discussion with your appraiser to help you reflect on your practice and identify opportunities for professional development and improvement.

Dr Laura Edwards is medical director of Wessex LMC and a locum GP. She is also one of the co-authors of the Wessex LMCs guide ‘Revalidation for GP Locums – A Practical Guide

To read the full article click here: Clearing common hurdles of revalidation

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