Diagnosis and Management of Common Rashes

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Diagnosis and Management of Common Rashes

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Aimed to give GPs & Allied Health Professionals a greater understanding of identifying common rashes and when referrals are necessary.

Thursday, 19 September
12:30 - 14:00
Zoom Online Event

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Dr Stephen Hayes
Dr Stephen Hayes
Speaker & Trainer
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Aimed at GPs & Allied Health Professionals in Primary Care. This session aims to give delegates a greater understanding of identifying common rashes and when referrals are necessary.


It is thought that skin problems make up to 20% of GPs' clinical work load but barely 1% of their training (if that). The subject can be intimidating, with over 1,000 known rashes (maybe 4,000 if all variants are considered) but it can be simplified for the working GP by taking a systematic approach and concentrating on the five common skin problems. These are: eczema/dermatitis in all it's forms, psoriasis, infections (fungal, bacterial, viral and infestations), acne and urticaria. The GP who is confident with these 5 everyday skin disease groups will do very well indeed, and it is not that difficult if you understand the basic underlying disease principles and a few simple rules.

Common rashes will be considered with a brief look at the underlying biology, history and examination and rational therapeutic approaches. Uncommon variants, special cases and when to refer will be discussed. The occasional skin emergency needing urgent referral will also be considered, and educational resources mentioned. This presentation will be freely available to learners as a PDF for private study.

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We will be recording this session and it will be available, at a cost of £25 for members of Wessex LMCs and £55 for non members, for a limited time by clicking here

If you attend the course the recording will be available after the event, free of charge on this web page NB: you must have been marked down as attending, and be logged on to the website to view the file. 

Event Speakers & Trainers

Dr Stephen Hayes
Dr Stephen Hayes
Associate Specialist in Dermatology

Dr Stephen Hayes was a GP in Southampton for 20 years, one of the first GPwSIs and since 2013 has worked at the Royal South Hants hospital exclusively doing skin lesion diagnostics. He has taught dermatology for the last two decades all over the British Isles, independently and with the PCDS, BMA, International Dermoscopy Society, the Primary Care Surgical Association of Ireland, and for UHS. Stephen has travelled to Australia and New Zealand to learn from expert skin cancer GPs there and is active with the International Dermoscopy Society. He blogs about skin lesion diagnostics here and has an e-book out on Amazon Kindle 'Skin Cancer Diagnosis Made Easy'. He is retiring soon so this might be the last chance to hear him present!

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