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Team Leader Programme

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Great Team Leaders help people grow in General Practice.

Thursday, 14 March - Wednesday, 17 April
09:30 - 13:30
Zoom Online Event

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This training course is accessible for wheelchair users.
If you have any communication or mobility needs that the event organisers need to be aware of please contact them in advance of the course to let them know.

Event Speakers & Trainers

 Richard House
Richard House
Speaker & Trainer
ZOOM ONLINE EVENT This training will be run over Zoom. To participate you will need to install Zoom on your device, ensure it has a microphone, speaker, and camera. Please Note: Some trainers will no longer allow you to stay on the call if you do not have your camera operating.

Log into Zoom 09:15 session runs 09:30 to 13:30

To participate you will need a device capable of running Zoom, that also has a microphone and speaker, a camera.  Please Note: Some trainers may no longer allow you to remain on the call if you do not keep your camera on.

This is a 3 day course:

  • Thursday 14 March
  • Wednesday 27 March 
  • Wednesday 17 April 

You are required to attend 3 days to be eligible for your certificate of attendance 

There will also be a pre-event individual coaching session on 5th March for each Team Leader as well as a facilitated coaching conversation with their Practice Manager post-event on 25th April.

Please note: To facilitate these meetings we will need to share the email address of the delegate with the trainer, and continuing with this booking will constitute consent to share this information.


Great Team Leaders help people grow in General Practice. They willingly share what they know and look out for learning opportunities for the people they work with or the people who work for them.  It is a crucial role in helping the Practice function safely, efficiently, and sustainably.  They build up the team and foster strong relationships, rapport, and co-operation within it.  They are the conduit between the Practice Manager and staff.  They manage messages up and down the line.

Join Richard House on this 3-session virtual programme of exploration and discovery for existing, new, and aspirational General Practice Team Leaders.  There will be a pre-event individual coaching session for each Team Leader as well as a facilitated coaching conversation with their Practice Manager post event. Please note: We will therefore share the email address of the delegate with the trainer; continuing with this booking will constitute consent to share this information.

There is also a small amount of pre-reading and reflection, and a personality questionnaire to complete.


Day 1 - Managing Self: Learn about your Personality Type (MBTI), how to manage stress at work, and learn how to create good work habits.

Day 2 - Managing Others: Learn how to lead others through change, how to have difficult conversations at work, and how to measure improvement.

Day 3 - Managing in the System: Learn how performance is measured, why culture is important, and what’s ahead for General Practice.


Committing time for your Team Leaders to attend training is hard.  We know, that’s why we have curated a programme that meets the needs of Team Leaders, and Practice Managers, in three key performance areas.  We know you want value and results, so we have built in a facilitated coaching session at the end of the programme for the PM and the Team Leader to discuss learning outcomes and action plans.  PMs want to develop their Team Leaders and staff, but it’s hard to find the right programmes. This programme can be used for Team Leader Professional AND Personal Development for next year’s Appraisal, and as part of any Talent, Succession or Performance plan.

Event Speakers & Trainers

 Richard House
Richard House
Managing Partner

Richard is a Behaviour Design Expert, Culture Change and Leadership Development Consultant, and an Executive Coach. He studied Neuroscience and Neurobiology with the Sydney Neuroscience Academy and currently enjoys working as a member of Dr BJ Fogg’s (Stanford University) Behaviour Design and Tiny Habits Coaches Team.

Following his passion and purpose to improve outcomes and experience for Mental Health Service Users, he left the John Lewis Partnership in 2005 to work across Secondary and Primary Care in our region. Since he has worked at all levels and across all Health and Social Care Organisations, including designing and delivering Leadership interventions for the LMC.

Price List



Price (Inc VAT)

All GPs and members of staff working within GP practices in the Wessex LMCs’ catchment area

This option is for everyone working in a Practice in the Wessex LMC catchment area that does not fit into one of the other options on offer.


Hampshire and Isle of Wight - AHPs & Nurses

We are delighted that NHS South East have agreed to fund this course for all AHPs & members of the Nursing Team working in Practices in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. To access this funding you must be an AHP or member of the Nursing Team working in a Practice in Hampshire (excluding North East Hants) or the Isle of Wight.


Non Members

This is the cost if you are not working in a Practice in the Wessex LMCs catchment area. £1500.00

Waiting List

Please be advised there are spaces available on this course unless it states otherwise. If a course is full you will be given the option to book on the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list and a place becomes available, you will be notified automatically you do NOT need to contact Wessex LMCs. 


All delegate fees are non-refundable, however, if it has been agreed that a refund is possible, it will be subject to an administration charge of £5 for fees of £100 or less, or £10 for fees more than £100.

Attendance Details

In certain circumstances, we will share details of attendance or non-attendance with the person who booked and/or funded this course for the delegate. If you have any objection to your attendance status being shared, please can you contact Louise Greenwood (Director of Education & Training, Wessex LMCs) at least 48 hours before the start of the training on

Pharmaceutical Sponsorship

This event may be sponsored by pharmaceutical company/ies having the opportunity for promotional product presentation at the start of the meeting. No pharmaceutical companies have been involved in the selection of speakers, agenda items, or any other matters relating to this training. Your name and Practice will be shared with the Rep but not your email address


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