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Certification - Patients Claiming Benefits

Practices are not obliged, either by statute or contract, to complete reports requested by organizations assisting people with their claims for benefit. Practices may choose to do so and may charge a fee.  Welfare Rights and CAB usually say that they are not in a position to pay a fee.

If a claimant is turned down for a benefit after making an application without a report from the GP, s/he can appeal the decision. If the appeal comes before a Tribunal and the Tribunal feels that it would be helped in its decision making by a report from the GP, the Tribunal is entitled to request such a report from the GP and will pay a fee

(We are indebted to Derby and Derbyshire LMC for this advice from Dr John Grenville. )

Specific guidance for GPs is available here on the website.  The guidance describes the main benefits that the DWP provides, and situations when you may be asked for information relating to a benefit claim on behalf of a patient. 

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