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Certification - Child Performers

Most children taking part in non-commercial performances do not require a licence to perform and, even if a licence is required for commercial work, the Local Education Authority may have discretion as to whether a medical certificate is required.  In this instance, a child is considered to be:

any person who has not yet reached compulsory school leaving age.

There is no statutory or contractual requirement for a GP to provide any medical certificate in association with a licence to perform. If a GP chooses to provide such a certificate, this may be provided as a private service in return for a professional fee. 

Legislation does require a licence for children:

This applies in particular to any performance:

The Local Education Authority usually has discretion as to whether a medical certificate is required before issuing a licence to perform.  

Medical clearance by the Senior Medical Officer (or any other practitioner approved by the Authority) covering the area in which the child lives is compulsory for:

There is no legal requirement for a licence:

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