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Certification - Bus Pass

In England, individuals can apply for a bus pass for free travel when they reach their state pension age (60 in London and Wales). The "eligible disabled" (as described in the list below) may also apply for a pass, and patients may attend with forms for the doctor to sign to prove eligibility. This is a poor use of NHS resources when there are many other ways of proving eligibility without using GP time and resources.

We have provided the following templates which we hope you find useful:

(Our thanks to Dr Terry and partners in Southampton for letting us use their letters to design these templates.)

The Government Department of Transport recommendation to Local Authorities is that GPs should not be used to verify claims and ideally the Local Authority should set up assessment centres for people seeking concessionary passes who do not have other methods of proving disability (such as receipt of invalidity benefit, ownership of a blue badge, etc)

(see Guidance to Local Authorities on assessing eligibility of disabled people in England for concessionary bus travel)

Eligible Disabled Criteria listed on the government website is as follows:

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