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Care Certificates for Healthcare Support Workers

The Care Certificate | Skills for Health


The Care Certificate - What is it?

This certificate is the result of the work Camilla Cavendish did in the wake of the Francis Inquiry.

It is for Healthcare Support Workers (which includes phlebotomists, HCAs) who are new to offering healthcare and are employed from 01.04.15.

This group of staff are not registered on a national list as nurses and GP's are, and the care certificate is trying to compensate for this.

Existing staff in these roles employed before 01.04.15 do not have to complete this certificate.

The aim is for it to be completed within 12 weeks of them starting their job, although there will be flexibility on this for part time workers.

What is in it?

It is a certificate made up of 15 standards listed here: 

1. Understand Your Role  

2. Your Personal Development

3. Duty of Care

4. Equality and Diversity

5. Work in a Person Centred Way

6. Communication

7. Privacy and Dignity

8. Fluids and Nutrition

9. Dementia and Cognitive Issues

10. Safeguarding Adults

11. Safeguarding Children

12. Basic Life Support

13. Health and Safety

14. Handling Information

15. Infection Prevention and Control

Evidence will be expected from the HCA by using words such as ‘demonstrate’ or ‘show’ when assessing competence. Competency will need to be assessed face to face but the learning can be done via e-learning if that is what the practice deems as satisfactory.

Do GP Practices have to do it?

It is not in legislation that your HCSW has to complete this. However, CQC will ask for it for all HCSWs employed from 01.04.15 and if they have not completed a Care Certificate, CQC will ask to see a similarly comprehensive induction programme for this member of staff.  

Who will assess the HCSW?

As the employer, you need to assure the quality of the teaching and can sign off and certificate your HCSW yourself. There is no accreditation by any other institution needed to sign this off.

Is it time limited? Does my HCSW have to renew it? 

No – once completed, the certificate is portable for the HCSW and can take to a new practice. No need to renew.

For further information 

Please click here to download the The Care Certificate & E-Learning Resources for further information.

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