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Bye Bye QOF? Framework to be first casualty of co-commissioning drive

23 December 2014, Pulse

NHS England has given CCGs the green light to ditch the QOF and commissioners are already preparing replacement schemes, finds Sofia Lind

Dr Nigel Watson, chair of Wessex LMCs, which covers NHS West Hampshire CCG, and former chair of the GPC commissioning subcommittee, supports in principle the idea of introducing local flexibility to the QOF.

He says he has not yet been presented with the CCG’s plans, but adds: ‘I don’t think it will simply be a case of CCGs replacing the QOF with something else. There will be a national negotiated contract with local flexibility. Most GPs will welcome it if it’s better, but it remains to be seen what we actually get. 

‘I want local flexibility if it benefits me, not if it doesn’t. We need to make sure people don’t put in new measures that are just as bureaucratic as the old ones.’

More CCGs could now follow, after guidance released by NHS England in November gave all CCGs the green light to replace the QOF if they take on full primary care commissioning responsibilities from April. It says: ‘There will be no formal approvals process for a CCG which wishes to develop a local QOF scheme or DES.’

It does stipulate that any new scheme must be ‘subject to consultation’ with the LMC, and must ‘be able to demonstrate improved outcomes, reduced inequalities and value for money’.

To read the full article click here: Bye Bye QOF? Framework to be first casualty of co-commissioning drive

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