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Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme enables people with a disability to park in disabled parking spaces. It is for people with a severe mobility problem. It also applies to those who are registered blind, who have severe disabilities in their upper limbs, and children under 3 years with specific medical conditions. The condition must be substantial and permanent and assessment considers areas such as gait pattern, speed, distance and pain levels.

Changes to the Blue Badge Scheme

in 2011, the government announced a programme of reforms to the Blue Badge scheme. The reforms meant the transfer of the assessments for blue badge eligibility from GPs to independent mobility assessors, and the budget for these assessments went to local authorities. The GP assessments are non-contractual.  There is more information on the Blue Badge Scheme area of the Department of Transport website.

The NHS used to fund the GP reports. The funding for this has passed to local authorities.

It is the Department for Transport's view that the interpretation of the regulations precludes the use of the applicant's GP and anyone else who has been involved in the applicant's ongoing care and treatment in determining the applicant's eligibility. It does not, however, prevent a local authority from making use of factual information from the GP or other medical professionals as evidence to support the eligibility decision making process.

Providing factual information for a local authority is a collaborative function and a fee may be charged by the practice, payable by the local authority.

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