Author: Joanna Welch

Arrangements for the GP Contract 2024/25
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Yesterday saw the publication of a letter from Dr Amanda Doyle, National Director for Primary Care and Community Services NHS England, detailing arrangements for the GP contract in 2024/25. She begins her letter by stating, “General practice is central to the NHS, and the hard work of GPs and primary care staff is hugely valued […]
Could you be a Wessex LMCs PM Supporter?
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Are you an experienced Practice or Business Manager? Do you want to help your peers? Would you like to work with a lively, enthusiastic, positive group of PMs? If you have said yes to all of the above, please do consider applying to join our group of Practice Manager Supporters at Wessex LMCs. There are only 2 […]
Measles Alert
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MMR vaccinations for eligible practice staff We understand that many practices have been asking if they can vaccinate their own practice staff in this instance. You may be aware that on 19 February 2024 Jane Freeguard, Deputy Director of Vaccination – Medicines & Pharmacy from the NHS England national team, confirmed that: In light of […]
Costing a Service
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Costing a Service Many practices are beginning to question whether it is financially viable to provide some of the services they are being asked to provide (those locally commissioned services which are non-contractual). We are very grateful to our friends and colleagues at Surrey & Sussex LMCs who have agreed to us sharing their new […]
Wessex LMCs 2024 Conference
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Wessex LMCs 2024 Conference for GPs, PMs and Senior Leaders in General Practice We are delighted to open bookings for our 2024 Conference and we really look forward to catching up with you in person then. It will be in Bournemouth this year and on Tuesday 25th June. We hope that GPs, PMs and other […]
Pressures in General Practice Data Analysis
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GP practices across the country are experiencing significant and growing strain with declining GP numbers, rising demand, struggles to recruit and retain staff and knock-on effects for patients. This page provides analysis on the pressures in general practice and is updated monthly with new data:  
We have, together with input from a Practice Manager Supporter and PCN Manager, produced this PM Calendar – National Return Requirements 2023-2024 as a calendar, which we hope could be a useful resource as an aide memoire. One GP has been quoted as saying that “it just illustrates to me how complicated our contracts are and […]
PRESS RELEASE: Patients in South of England want their family doctor back – new poll This week, the BMA funded campaign ‘Rebuild General Practice’ released new data showing that patients want their family doctor back. A new survey carried out by YouGov found that most people in Britain want to see the same GP each […]
Safer Working
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The following extracts and link are taken directly from the BMA webpage: “General practice is in crisis, with increasing patient need and demand, coupled with a shrinking and exhausted workforce.” “Action must be taken by practices and GPs in order to preserve safe care for patients, and to protect the health and wellbeing of the existing […]