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The Nursing Team - Appraisals and Revalidation


To ensure the provision of high quality safe care for patients it is essential that all clinicians are competent, with clarity around roles and responsibilities and ensuring that they can provide evidence of continuous professional development (CPD). This also fits with the NMCs recommendations for revalidation.  

Providing a portfolio of evidence demonstrates your competencies and how you meet the NMC standards. We have written a Lunch and Learn Training Resource around revalidation and appraisal that you can download here

The CQC will want to see evidence of annual appraisal and will ask individuals of their views on the appraisal process.

On 2nd February 2021, the NMC launched a new fitness to practice resource for employers 

The Value of an Appraisal. . .

“It is very important that it is recognised from the outset that this appraisal process is not to replace a performance review. An appraisal is to help identify areas for improvement and development and to demonstrate areas where improvement and development has already been made.”

It is recommended that all nurses have an annual appraisal, the process can be enhanced and benefit from the involvement of another nursing colleague. In an “ideal world” this would adopt the same format as the GP appraisal and have an external person undertaking the appraisal. Individuals may choose to do this in addition to their annual appraisal and performance review with their employer.

An effective appraisal and review of performance can have a potential impact on patient outcomes as it addresses any learning needs and training to undertake the role.

Outcomes of the appraisal

What should happen at the appraisal?

The meeting should be a two way discussion between the appraiser and the manager and or nurse colleague. Some organisations will provide a summary prior to the appraisal of things that may require discussion.

The discussion will normally open with a review of what has happened over the last year for example;

As an individual you could prepare information prior to the appraisal and have a clear aim of what you want out of the discussion. Prior to the appraisal it is worth thinking about what you want to discuss this may include:

Following the meeting the discussion should be summarised and provided in a written and/or on line format. You may want to establish an interim review of certain objectives that have been discussed. You may find the following link on our website useful together with The NHS Staff Council webpage, Appraisals and KSF Made Simple. Appendix 1 provides some useful resources as part of the appraisal process.

Please click on the image below, to access our complete document - Appraisal and Revalidation Guidance for GPs and Nurses.

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