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Analysis: Payments in disarray. . .

4 December 2013, Pulse

NHS England is promising a resolution to the payments  chaos that has dogged practices since April. Alisdair Stirling reports on the key issues.

On the south coast, Dr Nigel Watson, chief executive of Wessex LMCs, reported that ‘all practice managers’ are having problems reconciling payments.

What has the impact been?

The impact on practices has ranged from the frustrating – having to take out overdrafts – to the scary, with the threat of bailiffs turning up at the door.

Some LMCs have been assembling dossiers of all the problems suffered by practices. Birmingham LMC has compiled one such dossier, seen by Pulse, which highlights problems reported by GPs that range from missing LES payments to statements showing superannuation deductions for staff who are not in the NHS pension scheme.

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