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Advanced Clinical Practice - Occupational Therapists

First Contact Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners in Primary Care: Occupational Therapy A Roadmap to Practice




An Advanced Practitioner is an Occupational Therapist working at an advanced level across all four pillars of advanced practice at master’s level (QAA level 7 – see 1.4). They can demonstrate the Advanced Clinical Practice Capabilities for Primary Care Occupational therapy (appendix 12.17).

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Level 7 is the UK academic master’s (MSc) level..

• FCP Occupational Therapists work at master’s level in their Clinical Practice pillar of practice but have not yet reached that level in all four pillars of practice to be verified as an AP (Research, Leadership and Management, Education, and Clinical practice) (see appendix 12.13).

• Level 7 practice requires complex clinical reasoning skills and critical thinking, using advanced decision making where protocols and pathways may not exist. (RCOT 2021b)

• The QAA (2014) MSc Level 7 descriptors are found below (table *) and via the link.

See also SEEC - Credit Level Descriptors for Higher Education (2016)

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