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Advanced Clinical Practice - MSK

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“As regulated MSK practitioners, FCPs work at an Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) level. This “is a level of practice characterised by a high degree of autonomy and complex decision making… It includes the analysis and synthesis of complex problems across a range of settings, enabling innovative solutions to enhance people’s experience and improve outcomes”.

The skills and knowledge required for this role are attained through postgraduate-level MSK learning, which may include independent prescribing skills, injection therapy skills and imaging expertise.

 Evidence demonstrating the value of FCP is growing with NHS England’s evaluation of over 25,000 consultations across more than 40 FCP services.2 Common outcomes include fewer referrals into secondary care, fewer requests for imaging and improved conversion rates to surgery. Following its recent inclusion in the NHS Long Term Plan, more general practices are reaping the benefits of FCP.

The transformation of the MSK pathway requires key stakeholders to work together to plan and develop FCP services that address local patient needs and workforce challenges and maximise efficiency in the local system. 

This guide is intended for GPs, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), integrated care system leads, providers of musculoskeletal services, all clinical and non-clinical staff within primary care teams, and those involved in funding and commissioning MSK services.”  HEE First Contact MSK Practitioners – Implementation Guide

NHSE - MSK Best Practice Solutions

HEE -  First Contact Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners in Primary Care: (Musculoskeletal)

NHSE -  First contact practitioners in musculoskeletal services


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E Learning for Advanced Clinical Practice

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