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Wessex Local Medical Committees (LMCs) is the representative team, on behalf of the LMC Committees, covering all GPs and their Practices, operating across the counties of Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Bath & North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire. We also provide services to the Islands of Jersey and Guernsey.

We represent, in total, around 445 Practices and 3400 GPs, whether Partners, Salaried GPs, or freelance locums. We exist solely to represent, advise, and support GPs and their Practices.

The Committees we represent are:

Each Committee is elected by the GP constituents it covers, and is entirely independent.  These LMCs have formed a Secretariat comprising the elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman of each LMC.  This Secretariat employs Joint Chief Executives of Wessex LMCs, Dr Laura Edwards and Dr Andy Purbrick, and through them, a Directorate and Administrative Team, and together they run the Chandler's Ford office

All LMCS are funded by a statutory levy which is collected from Practices, and is based on the number of patients registered at that Practice. The amount is set by the Secretariat and reviewed annually.  It funds the office and Officers of the LMC, as well as the individual Committees. The Wessex LMC staff supports each LMC separately, and this pooling of resources and expertise allows great economy of scale, ensuring each LMC gets much more for its money than everyone having its own office and staff.

The Role of the LMC

Our Values

Wessex LMCs is a family of approaching one hundred individuals, who interact daily to deliver first-class representation and support to our constituents. Like most organisations of this size, we have our challenges, and Wessex LMCs would like to be - and be seen to be - a transparent and accountable organisation with a strong values-based culture.

We have underpinned our work with a new Values Charter, which all members of the LMC Family (the office staff, Secretariat and Committee members) will adhere to and be held accountable to through a process known as ‘Securing Our Values’.

  Our Values Charter

The “Our Values” Charter is a set of principles and behaviours that all members of the LMC Family will adhere to, building on what has already been formalised in the constitutions/articles of association, the staff handbook, the Communication Charter and some of the recommendations from the Romney working group.

  Securing Our Values

Everyone should be encouraged and supported to ‘call out’ unacceptable behaviours in the moment and this is preferable, however, individuals are now also able to report an issue confidentially, or anonymously. The LMC wishes to be open about this process – this document sets that out.

For more detailed information on the work of the LMCs please see GPC - The work of the LMC in England and Wales

Louise Greenwood talks with Lisa harding about Our Values in this podcast

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